In 2019, I decided to create my own consulting service company to provide the geoscience community with expertise in geology and geophysics, especially seismic,  through feasibility surveys, tender design and selection process. I can also assist in equipment validation and acquisition parameters definition at start of surveys. I can as well prepare dedicated workshops and conferences on geoscientific topics.

After presenting a PhD in sedimentology at Burgundy University, France, I joined CGG in 1985 as geophysicist and worked as prospector for 10 years managing crews acquiring resistivity DC soundings, logging, MT, refraction, geochemistry… and reflection seismic for hydrology, mining, civil engineering and geothermal . I then moves to seismic processing and interpretation departments. In 1998, I joined the Land geophysicist supervisor team and worked for O&G industry in Europe, Africa and Middle-East plus mining in SA as area geophysicist. I managed the survey designs and made the technical supervision, promoting with clients a move to high technological contents adapted to hard rock seismic. In 2011, I joined the S&M department technical pool promoting CGG blending and broadband solution.

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