1st North Africa/Mediterranean Petroleum & Geosciences Conference and Exhibition, Tunis, Tunisia  6 - 9 October 2003


W2 - Onshore Signal-to-Noise Enhancement Techniques

Signal-to-Noise Issues Telemzane Arch Area Southern Tunisia
Discussion Leader– Mark Dablain, Pioneer Natural Resources
Three major themes:
[1] Can seismic data quality be improved?
[2] Causes of poor data quality
[3] What can be done to improve it
Format – presentation plus open discussion with comments and questions. Some basic theory, but main focus is case study examples.

Data Acquisition Field Management of Signal-to-Noise and Ambient Noise
Discussion Leader – Eric Gillot, Compagnie Generale de Geophysique

Lessons Learned: Southern Algeria
Discussion Leader – Simon Robinson, Anadarko Petroleum
Format - Case studies with a focus on 3D and data processing tools.

Open forum and closing remarks

Those involved in seismic exploration still face many challenges related to Signal-to-Noise ratio.
Through a mixture of invited talks and workshop-style discussion we will attempt to address the problems.
The objectives of this workshop are to invite participants to: 1) exchange ideas on the enhancement of the Signal-to-Noise (SN) ratio by lowering the Noise and/or increasing the Signal, 2) explore this SN enhancement first at the acquisition stage and then at the processing stage, and finally, 3) develop the benefit of 3D versus 2D. The context for discussion will be case studies involving both the illustration of these SN problems and the practical methods used to identify and resolve the problem.
Successes as well as failures are considered equally valuable.